“I just wanted to tell you just how much Fairways for Warriors has touched my life. Your efforts to establish a safe and secure environment for a community of very unique personnel have not gone unnoticed. Tom I am sure that I speak for many of us involved with Fairways for Warriors when I say, “Thank you Tom Underdown for listening to a cry that some do not even know they are crying. For caring for those that you have never known until one day they are there for the first time at Fairways for Warriors.” Your ambitions and dreams of providing an establishment for us warriors is becoming a reality and as Fairways for Warriors grows us veterans become stronger as well. We are safer, more hopeful, and in some cases still alive due to the camaraderie that are formed through Fairways For Warriors. The organization that you have created has truly left no warrior behind or a warrior’s family. My children think that you are a hero because they see their father smile a bit more when they golf with him. My wife thinks you’re an amazing man. You have opened your home to us all and entertained us on a more personnel level than the golf outings. We thank you.” [sic] ~ Matt Huber – USMC

“The largest impact Fairways for Warriors (FFW) has had on my life is that it has actually given me a life. I was a person that was recluse and stationary waiting for absolutely nothing. This was a very dark and depressing place to live. This group of people has allowed me to live again through fellowship, friendship, and lastly golf. I love the game of golf and it allows me the camaraderie that I need in the aspect that it mimics life and a military state of friendship.  FFW has made me a better Christian, husband/father, and all around person. My leadership at work has recognized this change along with my wife and children. I have a great positive outlook on life, and a sense that I belong. My faith has grown and this positive environment has allowed me to be “normal” again. I owe Tom and Al, a great debt that I can never repay; the debt of life.” [sic] ~ Bryan C. Coons

“Fairways for Warriors has literally been a lifesaver for me. I was suicidal for a while after I got out of the Army, but being able to get out and play golf with like minded people and worthy people who truly care about our wellbeing changed my life. Without FFW I would be a shut in. I would have no friends, no support, no golf, no girlfriend, no apartment, and no life worth living. Y’all have opened up my world. You have made it possible for me to pick up the pieces of myself and start putting a real life together. I still can’t express how much everything you and Clint Butler and Steve Escabedo and John Wheeler and all the guys I play with means to me. So I will just have to settle with saying thank you until I can figure out how to properly express my gratitude.” ~ Tyler Albert

“When I enlisted at 18 years old I never expected my life to change as much as it did. Within my first 2 years of enlistment I went oversees to fight for my country; doing two back-to-back deployments in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
When I came home I was a totally different person. Over the next 6 years of service I struggled to build relationships, sleep peacefully, communicate with my family, and celebrate holidays. I was scared, lost, and confused about what I experienced in Iraq. I turned to my command for mental support and was turned away. My only refuge was bottles of alcohol that I used to help numb the pain. I then became extremely withdrawn, and overcome with anxiety. I would sit for hours and days on gaming systems to try and void out everything going on around me.


I received my disability rating with the VA and was diagnosed with PTSD, and depression. My wife and I went to the Local Vet Center for support and started counseling, alongside with the VA who gave me anti depressants and sleeping pills. None of it helped. My wife continued to encourage me as I started to spiral down even more into depression. She noticed I wasn’t relaxing. I was back on the gaming 24 hrs a day at times. She told me I needed to get out and get some fresh air and asked if I would like to golf. This is when things started looking up. This is when I was introduced to Tom with Fairways for Warriors.
In being involved with Fairways for Warriors and building those relationships with other vets I started to change. I feel a little bit closer to a human being again. My 4-year-old son enjoys the greens with me at the clinics and has just received his first set of clubs from Fairways for Warriors. I think I have come a long way and am so thankful to Tom and the Fairways for Warriors program it truly helps me. The emotional support, and guidance I receive from this group is something I needed and has helped me tremendously.” ~ Joseph De Marinis – USMC

” Fairways is the most ethical, and professional program I have seen. Fairways gives the older veterans like me an opportunity to share our experience, strength and hope to the younger veterans, not just in golf, but in life. The caring, love, and support for these young men and women in all aspects of their lives is beyond incredible.” ~ Jack Wiseman 101st Airborne—Retired