Clint Butler, Independent Board Member and Director Fairways for Warriors Texas

Clint has been the Director of Fairways for Warriors Texas chapter since 2013. He has 18 years of charity fundraising experience and has a passion for giving back to our nation’s finest, our combat veterans. Clint’s responsibilities as director of the Texas chapter comprises of the organization of all operations for the chapter and includes:
  • Fund raising
  • Speaking on behalf of Fairways for Warriors
  • Organization of Fairways for Warriors volunteers and members
  • Supervision of our military liaisons
  • Tournament and clinic organization
  • Volunteer recruiting
  • Purchase of all golf equipment and gear
  • Supervision of Texas chapter financials
Clint has been married to Lisa Butler for 27 years and is a father of 2 grown sons. He enjoys Fairways for Warriors, golf, snowboarding, playing the guitar, and the Knights of Columbus.